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99 Songs Version ##BEST## Full Movie

99 Songs is an Indian Hindi-language musical romance film directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, and co-written and produced by A. R. Rahman originally in Hindi (in his maiden production banner YM Movies), who thus makes his debut in both roles, apart from composing the original score and songs. The film co-produced by Ideal Entertainment and distributed by Jio Studios, stars debutants Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas in lead roles, alongside Aditya Seal, Lisa Ray and Manisha Koirala among others in supporting characters.[2] The film is a sensual story about art and self-discovery of a struggling singer who wants to be a successful music composer.

99 Songs version full movie

99 Songs is a visual and musical treat infused with a sense of poise and repose. They say that it takes 99 songs for a musician to make that one perfect 100th song. The whole film feels like a visual experiment where we are subject to different sounds and scenes. The songs play out in the background, becoming a character in themselves. How much of it will be palatable to the audience remains to be seen.

Jay goes to Shillong with his pal and tries to make it big. As long as the film stays with Jay it's watchable. One of the major reasons is AR Rahman's music. The songs fit with the grand situations we are shown on screen. But they aren't isolated songs, it's more like a thematic rock music album.

The largeness of the music is matched by the production. I was reminded of films like Francis Ford Coppola's One From the Heart which takes place entirely in an artificial set, The Cotton Club, and another film from the same period, Adrian Lyne's Flashdance. These films aren't exactly comparable to 99 Songs, but they were movie musicals that used a music video style to tell a story. Artifice is a big part of these films, they aren't "realistic". For instance, we don't even care that Jay isn't picking up Sofia's calls because we understand that he's immersed in his music.

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In August 2013, A.R. Rahman announced that he will be producing a one-of-a-kind musical love story. He originally wanted to launch it under EROS but it became his maiden stint as a scriptwriter, producer apart from composing the original score and songs. This film is Co-Produced by Ideal Entertainment, Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, who is best known for the Mumbai band Scribe, and distributed by Jio Studios. The movie, 99 Songs, was finally released on April 16, 2021.

I think I perceive it to be the magnum opus of a young prodigy who has a burning desire to be a successful music composer. The hero (Ehan Bhat) has a wager to make 99 songs before he can marry his beloved debutante played by Edilsy Vargas. Veteran actors Aditya Seal, Lisa Ray, and Manisha Koirala add depth to the narrative.

Besides co-writing and producing the film, Rahman has also composed the original score and 15 songs for the film, starring newcomers Ehan Bhat and Edilsey Vargas. The film also features Rahul Ram of the rock band Indian Ocean, composer Ranjit Barot, with actors Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray.

In an interview with Mid-Day, AR Rahman spoke about what drew him to produce and co-write 99 Songs. He said that working among Hollywood's best and being an Academy member gave him an insight that India should reach out to the world with a film "that matched the sensibilities of all". He added that the film is a new voice that represents the Indian film industry and is a movie from "India to the world".

AR Rahman also revealed which singers in the film he was most impressed with, stating that his supervisor Dilshad [Shabbir Shaikh] heard about 20-25 singers before narrowing down which of them "sounded right" for the film. He revealed the most surprising pieces of work was from Arijit Singh who sang Jwalamukhi and Armaan Malik, who rendered Humnawaa. AR Rahman also added the 99 Songs soundtrack has a lullaby, and a "god bharai" song and several songs that people can use in real life inclusive of Indian culture. He added that creating the soundtrack in three different languages "was a torture", with him going back to at least 11 to 12 times on each song. Besides that, he assures that he has seen the Tamil version of the film, which is 99 per cent accurate to the native language.

The music composer concluded by revealing what creative decisions he had to make in order to make the film cohesive in structure. He said sometimes he had to cut his own songs for as much as 15 bars, or one minute. He revealed the editing process for the film with a metaphor saying that a movie is like food, it's an emotional ride. If you have too much, you are uncomfortable. He said that with films; you must cut out the most favourite scene if they obstruct the flow of the film.

99 Songs is composer A.R. Rahman's debut as a screen-writer and producer and the movie is out on Netflix for everyone to stream. Recently, while talking about the impact of his film, A.R. Rahman shared an anecdote that left him touched. Veteran playback singer P. Susheela, whom Rahman has long-admired left the composer speechless with the feedback that she gave for 99 Songs. Rahman shared,

The film's soul lies in Rahman's music. While he sets fire to the screen with his terrific background score, the songs paint a picture on their own. However, having 14 songs in a film of this length certainly affects the engagement to a certain extent. Most songs have been conceptualized like a music video which takes us further away from the film.

Whether it is my music or anything I do, I do it with a lot of self-assessment. I check whether the song is good enough or not. In this case, I have been narrating the story for a long time to a lot of people before I finally decided to make the movie. I felt this film needs some more time, so, I spent a year more than the stipulated period to write it. I wanted to flesh it out; I wanted it to be a new voice.

This is just magical.I am so lucky that i got to watch this in theaters.This movie is therapy.Whenever i loose motivation to do something i would visit this film.There some moments in this film that will haunt me forever.I am so overwelmhed rnI cant describe this experience. While watching film all i feel is a warm hug and someone giving me a dose of confidence.

I understand the noble intentions and love behind this. But it's really very messy. And oversimplistic, very articial, this movie is so artificial. Too filmy. Everything feel tooo polished, and nothing feels deserving to be real.

But in between all these super artificiality, there are some moments I really enjoyed. The portion in chillong is nice, his friend and the friends family is charming for screen. And the spiritual bits, and the immersive experience of music. All that are good. I wish they had real jamming scene, real unplugged singing, rather than just pre-recorded songs.

Along with the music, Rahman's prose talent takes center stage in this musical love story whose king as you'd expect lies heavily in the carefully curated soundtrack. You witness a glimpse of all Rahman classics fused into this delightfully soothing musical journey which taps into traditional roots like jazz as well. Whether it be the soulful innocence of young love in Sofia or the tantalising A Bullet To Your Heart, every song has a story to tell. Why I mention music first is because that's what the motto of 99 Songs is; an ode to the magic instilled within us through music. You clearly see that in the piano sequence as The Oracle reels you in and visually depicts the feelings one envisions when listening to one's favourite tune.

Giving this writer Vijay Mallya doppelganger feels is Ranjit Barot, as Sophie's dad, who's over the top theatrics as the rich father who looks down upon struggling artists like Ehan distracts us from Ehan and Edilsy's earnest takes. Nonetheless, credit is to be given to both these talented individuals as they breathe life into Rahman and director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy's ambitious outlook. Being summoned off with the challenge of writing 100 songs to win Sophie's heart and more importantly, her dad's approval, Jay travels to Shillong with his college friend (Tenzin Dalha) and trouble quickly follows.

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