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FIFA Mobile Nexon: The Ultimate Guide to the Eternal Icon Class

FIFA Mobile Nexon: A Review of the Popular Soccer Game for Mobile Devices

If you are a fan of soccer games on mobile devices, you may have heard of FIFA Mobile, one of the most popular football simulations on iOS and Android platforms. However, did you know that there is another version of FIFA Mobile that is only available in Japan and Korea? It is called FIFA Mobile Nexon, and it is developed and published by NEXON Company, a leading gaming company in Asia.

FIFA Mobile Nexon is not just a localized version of FIFA Mobile. It has many features and improvements that make it stand out from its global counterpart. In this article, we will review FIFA Mobile Nexon and see what makes it different from FIFA Mobile. We will also look at the pros and cons of playing this game, and answer some of the most common questions that players may have about FIFA Mobile Nexon.

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Features and Improvements

One of the main reasons why FIFA Mobile Nexon is different from FIFA Mobile is that it has more features and improvements that enhance the game content and quality. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Eternal Icon Class

Eternal Icon Class is a new feature that allows players to use legendary players from the past, such as Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane, etc., in their teams. These players have special abilities and skills that make them stand out from other players. They also have their own unique stories and challenges that players can complete to earn rewards and upgrade them.

To use Eternal Icon Class, players need to collect Eternal Icons, which are special items that can be obtained from various events and modes in the game. Each Eternal Icon corresponds to a specific legendary player, and players can use them to unlock and evolve their Eternal Icon Class players. However, using Eternal Icon Class also has some drawbacks, such as higher team costs and lower chemistry with other players.

Transfer Market Convenience Update

Transfer Market Convenience Update is an improvement that makes it easier for players to find and sell players in the transfer market. The transfer market is where players can buy and sell players with other players using coins, the in-game currency. It is one of the main sources of obtaining new players and earning coins in the game.

The update adds new search conditions and filters to the transfer market, such as position, OVR range, program, skill boost, etc. It also allows players to save their search preferences and view their recent searches. These features help players narrow down their search results and find the players they want more quickly and conveniently.

Game Convenience Reorganization

Game Convenience Reorganization is an improvement that adds new menus and functions to the game interface and settings. It aims to make the game more user-friendly and efficient for players. Some of the new menus and functions include:

  • Team Management: A menu that allows players to manage their team formation, tactics, skills, chemistry, etc. more easily.

  • Player Upgrade: A menu that allows players to upgrade their players with Training XP or Evolution XP more easily.

  • Player Exchange: A menu that allows players to exchange their unwanted players for coins or other items more easily.

  • Quick Sell: A function that allows players to sell their unwanted items for coins more quickly.

  • Auto Play: A function that allows players to let the game play automatically for them in some modes and events.

These menus and functions help players save time and effort when playing the game.

Gameplay Experience Improvement

Gameplay Experience Improvement is an improvement that adjusts some aspects of the gameplay mechanics and physics to make the game more realistic and responsive. Some of the adjustments include:

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  • Aerial Competitions: The game now considers the height, jumping ability, heading accuracy, and timing of the players when they compete for aerial balls.

  • Cross Accuracy: The game now considers the crossing ability, curve, angle, speed, and direction of the ball when it is crossed into the box.

  • Player Switching: The game now allows players to switch to the nearest player or the player who is facing the ball more easily.

  • Disconnection Issues: The game now handles disconnection issues more fairly and smoothly. If a player disconnects during a match, they will not lose coins or fans, but they will lose stamina. If both players disconnect during a match, the result will be a draw.

These adjustments make the game more fun and challenging for players.

Set Piece Camera Improvement

Set Piece Camera Improvement is an improvement that adds new camera angles for set pieces, such as free kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks, and penalty kicks. Set pieces are situations where the ball is placed on a specific spot on the field and one player can kick it without interference from other players. They are important opportunities to score or create chances in the game.

The new camera angles give players more control and variety over their set pieces. They can choose from different perspectives, such as behind the kicker, side view, top view, etc. They can also zoom in or out, adjust the angle or direction, or switch to manual control. These features help players execute their set pieces more effectively and creatively.

New Motion Update

New Motion Update is an update that adds new animations and actions to the game. Animations are the movements and expressions of the players on the field. Actions are the behaviors and reactions of the players in different situations. They are important elements that make the game more lively and dynamic.

The new animations and actions include:

  • New celebrations: The game now has more than 100 different celebrations that players can perform after scoring a goal, such as dancing, flipping, sliding, etc.

  • New skills: The game now has more than 50 different skills that players can use to dribble, pass, or shoot the ball, such as rainbow flick, roulette, heel to heel, etc.

  • New reactions: The game now has more realistic and diverse reactions from the players, such as cheering, complaining, arguing, etc.

These new animations and actions make the game more fun and exciting for players.

Pros and Cons

As we have seen, FIFA Mobile Nexon has many features and improvements that make it different from FIFA Mobile. However, not everything is perfect. There are also some pros and cons of playing this game. Here are some of them:


  • More content and options for players to customize their teams and strategies. FIFA Mobile Nexon has more modes, events, players, items, skills, etc. than FIFA Mobile. This gives players more choices and possibilities to build their dream teams and play their own way.

  • More realistic and immersive gameplay experience. FIFA Mobile Nexon has better graphics, physics, animations, sounds, etc. than FIFA Mobile. This makes the game more visually appealing and engaging for players.

  • More user-friendly and convenient interface and functions. FIFA Mobile Nexon has more menus, functions, settings, etc. than FIFA Mobile. This makes the game easier and faster to navigate and operate for players.


  • Higher device requirements and storage space. FIFA Mobile Nexon requires more RAM, CPU, GPU, etc. than FIFA Mobile. It also takes up more storage space on the device. This means that some devices may not be able to run the game smoothly or at all.

  • Potential compatibility and stability issues with some devices or regions. FIFA Mobile Nexon may not work well with some devices or regions due to different specifications or regulations. This may cause problems such as crashes, errors, lags, etc.

Possible imbalance or unfairness between players with different resources or skills. FIFA Mobile Nexon may favor players who have more coins, gems, players, skills, etc. than others. This may create a gap or advantage between players t

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