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Punjabi Movie Naseebo 1993 Download

Nasibo: A Punjabi Movie Review

Nasibo is a 1994 Indian Punjabi-language film, directed by Manmohan Singh, starring Raj Babbar, Kavita Kamal (Kimi Verma), Preeti Sapru, Amitoj Maan and others. Gurdas Maan gave a special appearance. The movie is a tragic drama that revolves around a family feud, a love triangle and a quest for honour.

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Plot Summary

The movie begins with Nasibo (Kavita Kamal) living with her brother Naajar (Amitoj Maan), her widowed mother Santi (Preeti Sapru) and her sister-in-law Veero (Mehar Mittal). Gurmeet Singh (Raj Babbar) is a family friend and is secretly in love with Nasibo. Santi had once been engaged to marry Diala Singh (Girja Shanker) of Danpur, but she broke the engagement upon discovering that Diala's younger brother had eloped with a girl. In parting, Santi insulted Diala and his family as "kanjar" (an individual or family supported by the earnings of a prostitute), which Diala carried as an unforgivable insult and vowed to avenge his honour. Santi married Bhan Singh, the father of Nasibo and Naajar, but Diala killed him in revenge and was jailed.

Years later, Diala is released from jail and hatches a plan with his son Seeta (Malkit Singh) to dishonour Nasibo by deceiving her into marrying Seeta and then abandoning her. The first step is to go to Naajar's home with an audience of villagers and publicly apologise to Santi for her husband's murder, which he describes as accidental. Santi accepts the apology in the hope of ending the blood feud and protecting Naajar, but Naajar is unable to come to terms with his mother's forgiveness of Diala. The next step of Diala's plan sees Seeta seducing Nasibo with the help of Seeta's real lover Swarno (Sana), who befriends Nasibo and influences her decisions. After rumours of their relationship spread through the village, Naajar swiftly marries Nasibo to another man to avoid dishonour. Diala counters this by causing Nasibo to elope with Seeta on the night before her wedding to Mumbai, thus dishonouring her family.

Naajar, who had been hospitalised by a sneak attack of Diala's men, is unaware of all this. He is also unaware of the family's attempts to avert dishonour by secretly marrying Veero's younger sister to Nasibo's groom in Nasibo's stead. When Naajar eventually discovers what has happened, he storms over to Diala's home and kills him, rendering himself an outlaw. He then sets off to Mumbai to find Nasibo and kill her in order to restore their family's honour.

While in Mumbai, Nasibo discovers a letter from Swarno intended for Seeta, and thus learns the entire conspiracy. Seeta then chases her into the city, where a cab driver intervenes long enough for Nasibo to escape, but she ends up lost in the city without money or shelter. Naajar and Gurmeet arrive in Mumbai and enlist the aid of the cab driver who bumped into Nasibo. They search for her in vain until they spot her on a bridge, where she is about to jump into the river out of despair. Naajar tries to shoot her, but Gurmeet stops him and confesses his love for Nasibo. Nasibo also reveals her love for Gurmeet and begs for forgiveness from Naajar. Naajar realises his mistake and reconciles with Nasibo and Gurmeet. The movie ends with the three of them returning to their village as a happy family.


Nasibo is a classic example of Punjabi cinema that combines melodrama, romance, action and music. The movie has a strong cast that delivers powerful performances, especially Raj Babbar as Gurmeet Singh, who portrays a loyal friend and lover who sacrifices his happiness for Nasibo's sake. Kavita Kamal as Nasibo also impresses with her innocent charm and emotional range. Amitoj Maan as Naajar is convincing as the hot-headed brother who is torn between his love for his sister and his sense of honour. The movie also features some memorable songs by Naseebo Lal, such as "Doodh Pee Lai Zalma" and "Nasibo Lai Ke Aaja". The movie has a gripping plot that keeps the audience engaged till the end, although some scenes may seem unrealistic or exaggerated. The movie also explores the themes of family, honour, love and forgiveness in a poignant way. Nasibo is a movie that will appeal to the fans of Punjabi cinema and culture, as well as anyone who enjoys a good drama.

Where to Watch

Nasibo is available to watch online on YouTube. However, the quality of the video is not very good and there are no subtitles. The movie is also available on DVD, but it may be hard to find in some regions. The best way to watch Nasibo is to find a local cinema that shows Punjabi movies or a friend who has a copy of the movie.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Nasibo. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!

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